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Announcing Code Stars Summit Friday 10/2 at EVG   

Mon Aug 17 2015
By Peter Kellner
Announcing Code Stars Summit Friday 10/2
Announcing Code Stars Summit and 9 awesome Friday all day workshops!
Code Stars Summit was born from Silicon Valley Code Camp with the idea of bringing awesome full day workshops from the best session leaders at SV Code Camp.  This year, Code Stars Summit is one day, Friday October 2nd also at Evergreen College.
Our early pricing is currently available and it's just $325 per workshop which includes coffee, snacks, lunch and of course great instruction from these great workshop leaders listed below.
We look forward to seeing you at Code Stars Summit on Friday, and then Saturday and Sunday (our free Code Camp days)
Best Regards,
Peter Kellner (SVCC and Code Stars Summit Organizer)
Code Stars Summit Workshops on Friday October 2nd
Workshop ReTweet Description Speaker Status
SqlServer, Tune Like A Guru! a We will look at all of these things and more from a variety of angles, while also covering many of the tips, tricks, tools, etc. I have collected in my almost 45,000 man hours of working with SQL Server. Kevin Boles Available
Docker and Kubernetes Workshop a Containers are enabling developers to package their applications (and underlying dependencies) in new ways that are portable and work consistently everywhere? On your machine, in production, in your data center, and in the cloud. And Docker has become the de facto standard for those portable containers in the cloud. Arun Gupta Available
Chef Workshop Hands-On a The path to DevOps is paved with code for all the things. Chef lets you to codify and automate your infrastructure, application runtimes, continuous integration, application deployments and lifecycle state management. In this introductory hands-on workshop we will use Chef to write infrastructure code. Bakh Inamov Available
C++11/14 Bootstrap a C++11/14 Bootstrap - more details coming soon. Jon Kalb Available
AngularJS 1.x Fundamentals a This workshop is a beginner level class that will take you step by step through the process of building an Angular 1.x application. You'll learn how to combine your previous HTML and Javascript knowledge with AngularJS also Jerry Kurata Available
Managing Software People and Teams a A 1 day workshop that will give you the tools, insights, and confidence to manage programmers and programming teams effectively. Learn how to turbocharge your career and deliver outstanding results for your company! Ron Lichty, Mickey Mantle Available
Creating Web Applications with Golang and Google App Engine a Session Details Coming Todd McLeod Available
ECMAScript 6 - The Lastest JavaScript Fundamentals a Learn about the new JavaScript known as ECMAScript 6 Scott Moss Available
Applied SEO: Winning at Search To Get New Customers a ocalized and uber personalized. In this one-day intensive workshop, participants will learn both the art and science of an SEO strategy and how to apply it on their website. Massimo Paolini, Alyson Harrold Available
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