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Soft Skills Session Presented At SVCC By College Dean and VP Academic Affairs   

Wed Sep 16 2015
By Peter Kellner
Moving SV Code Camp to Evergreen Valley College this year has been a huge effort and before we get to bogged down in details, we just wanted to let everyone know how grateful we are for the support of the college and its staff to make this happen.
Hi SV Code Campers,
Moving SV Code Camp to Evergreen Valley College this year has been a huge effort and before we get to bogged down in details, we just wanted to let everyone know how grateful we are for the support of the college and its staff to make this happen.
Two of our key supporters at Evergreen Valley College are Lena Tran, Dean Business and Workforce Development and Keith Aytch, VP Academic Affairs will be presenting a session at our event titled "Soft Skill for Tech People...".   
If you don't make it to the session, make sure you make a point to bump into them, likely at the Evergreen Valley College tent in the sponsor area.  We really appreciate all the hard work they are putting in to make our event successful and are very excited that they are joining us as speakers also.
Lena and Keith Soft Skills Session
That's it for now.  See you all very very soon.
Best Regards,
Peter Kellner (SVCC and Code Stars Summit Organizer)
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