Silicon Valley Code Camp : Nov 8th and 9th, 2008

Jason Mauer

About Jason
Jason Mauer is a Senior Developer Evangelist with Microsoft covering the Pacific Northwest. He has been with Microsoft for seven years, with a background in .NET application development, SharePoint, XML and the Web, and DirectX/XNA.
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Speaking Sessions

  • Destroy the Universe with XNA

    Not Available x   Room: Not Assigned
    We will be covering XNA Game Studio 3.0 and how you can use it to build your own games for the PC, Xbox 360, and the Zune. Assuming the demo gods permit, we will be demonstrating the same code base running on all three platforms during the session. With the power of XNA, you too can overthrow the government, enslave humanity, and destroy the universe! (or do less manevolent things I suppose...)

  • Windows Workflow Foundation: Past, Present, and Future

    Not Available x   Room: Not Assigned
    Learn about one of the most powerful tools in the .NET application development arsenal - Windows Workflow Foundation. We'll run through the basics, new features introduced with .NET 3.5, and what's to come in .NET 4.0.