Silicon Valley Code Camp : Nov 8th and 9th, 2008

Jeff Brown

About Jeff
Jeff Brown is a Lead Software Engineer at Ingenio, where he is currently focused on software testing, development tooling and infrastructure. He is also the lead of MbUnit and the creator of Gallio, an open, extensible and neutral test automation platform for .Net. Jeff is passionate about software development. His secret mission is to engage the creativity and talent of everyone he encounters to make a smarter, more beautiful world.
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Speaking Sessions

  • Gallio: Crafting a Toolchain

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    Software testing is a multidisciplinary enterprise. Its form and function is driven by the needs and perspectives of developers, testers, designers, managers, and other stakeholders. So how do you build a single tool that will satisfy them all? You don't; you build a toolchain. Gallio is an open, extensible and neutral test automation for .Net. It provides the foundation for a rich suite of interoperable tools such as test frameworks, test runners, test case managers, test generators, test analyzers, IDE integration, build system tasks, reports, and more. During this presentation, I will describe the architecture of Gallio and demonstrate a few ways that it can be extended to build new test tools. I will also discuss how MbUnit integrates with Gallio and how other test frameworks can do the same.