Silicon Valley Code Camp : Nov 8th and 9th, 2008

Uday Gajendar

About Uday
Uday Gajendar is a principal designer at Citrix in Silicon Valley. He creates attractive, useful products that enable “work and play from anywhere”.
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Speaking Sessions

  • UI Design Fundamentals

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    This workshop/article provides a literal "out of the box" all in one overview of the foundational principles and methods for practicing good digital design: shaping compelling and intuitive interactions for mobile, web, desktop, or any other contexts.   There are three parts: First we start with an introduction to UI design as a form of rhetoric/communication (with some whiteboard models/diagrams), then an overview of core UI principles drawn from Tufte, Rand, Norman and others. For example, "metaphor and affordances", "simplifying clutter", "interface noise", "terminology", "complexity and behavior", etc. Exemplars of both bad and good interfaces are demonstrated to drive home the points in a tangible way. This provides fundamental basics for doing UI design.  Second, we go back up into the general design process phases and deliverables that most designers follow, with some variations discussed. This provides a snapshot of the generic, archetypal process for folks to use as a baseline when talking with other designers, etc. Deliverables are described at a high level with examples drawn from various types of digital design projects. Emphasized is not the construction but how such deliverables are used and why they are valuable.  Finally, issues of team dynamics are debated, in terms of how to work with a designer, clarifying roles and expectations, and suggestions for dealing with conflict, which is a natural and inevitable part of designing. This may be particularly useful to those who have never worked with a designer before or just recently hired one.