Silicon Valley Code Camp : October 3rd and 4th, 2009

Bala Paranj

About Bala
Zepho Inc was incorporated in Feb, 2006 after operating as Zepho Systems Group since May 2001. Before starting full-time consulting operations, founder and Zepho President Bala Paranj worked in the computer industry for six years as employee of such companies as Edify and Mentor Graphics. With a Master's degree in Electrical Engineering from The Wichita State University, Paranj's academic background includes mathematics and electronics. Some of the clients of Zepho include telecommunication companies, banks, financial software services firms, electronic design automation startups that wanted Swing interface to their product and Web Application Development using Struts and Hibernate. Founded in Atlanta, Georgia, Zepho consults for clients within USA on Ruby and Rails.
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Speaking Sessions

  • Beginning iPhone Development

    11:00 AM Saturday   Room: 8338
    This session will be very practical and the attendees can follow the steps along to build a simple iPhone application using Xcode. You need an Intel based Mac to do iPhone development. You can bring a Mac to follow along. The iPhone / iPod touch is not required. The simulator is enough to get started. The concepts will be explained as we work through some simple exercises. Pre-requisite: Must be familiar with C and object oriented programming basics. Objective-C is not required but would be helpful.