Silicon Valley Code Camp : October 3rd and 4th, 2009

Chris Schalk

About Chris
Chris Schalk is a Developer Advocate at Google working on Cloud Technologies, including Google App Engine as well as the new cloud technologies: Google Storage, Prediction API and BigQuery.
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Speaking Sessions

  • Server-side OpenSocial Java programming

    10:30 AM Sunday   Room: 4220
    This session will review techniques on how to maximize server-side Java development with OpenSocial. Specific coverage will be given to: <ul> <li>Quick intro to OpenSocial Java client libraries</li> <li>Connecting to an OpenSocial container with Java client libraries and 2-legged OAuth</li> <li>Connecting to multiple OpenSocial containers using 3-legged OAuth and the OS client libraries.</li> <li>How to integrate Google Friend Connect with server-side Java</li> </ul>