Silicon Valley Code Camp : October 3rd and 4th, 2009

Fred Sauer

About Fred
Fred Sauer is a Developer Advocate at Google where most of his time is devoted to Google App Engine and Google-Web-Toolkit. He is the author of various GWT related open source projects including gwt-dnd (providing in browser Drag and Drop capabilities), gwt-log (an advanced logging framework) and gwt-voices (for cross browser sound support). Fred has dedicated much of his career to Java related development, with an increasing focus on Web 2.0 technologies. As a consultant he has worked on a wide variety of projects in North America, Asia and Europe, primarily in the financial and billing industry.
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Speaking Sessions

  • Google Web Toolkit (GWT) - Productivity for you, Performance for your users

    9:15 AM Sunday   Room: 4201
    Introduction and overview of Google Web Toolkit, a powerful set of tools, libraries and compiler which enable you deliver amazing web apps like Google Wave. In this session you will discover how to pronounce GWT, why it's good for you and for your users, why Java is an essential ingredient.