Silicon Valley Code Camp : October 3rd and 4th, 2009

Manish Pandit

About Manish
Manish is Director of Engineering at Marqeta, a FinTech startup, where he is responsible for the Hybrid Cloud Architecture and delivery for the Payments Platform. Prior to Marqeta, he has worked at Capital One, Netflix, IGN, E*Trade, and Accenture in various engineering leadership roles. He has spoken at various conferences and meetups in an around SF Bay Area, including JavaOne, OSCON, Silicon Valley Code Camp, and APICon SF. He blogs at
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Speaking Sessions

  • Security with OAuth : Why, What and How

    1:15 PM Saturday   Room: 3106
    In this session we will go over OAuth, which is a widely popular standard for securing exposed APIs, and accessing other APIs in a secure fashion. We will discuss why OAuth is so popular, what does it offer, and how easy (or hard!) it is to use it from both as a provider (to protect your APIs) or as a consumer (to access other providers' APIs). This session would be a perfect fit for developers involved with writing open APIs and exposing protected/privileged data via those APIs, and also those who wish to access protected/privileged data from other providers who use OAuth for their API security (like Google, Twitter, Netflix). If time permits, we will go over a Java-based OAuth client for one of these popular services as a hands-on demo.