Silicon Valley Code Camp : October 3rd and 4th, 2009

Michael Galpin

About Michael
I am an Android engineer at Bump Technologies. Prior to working at Bump, I worked on mobile apps at eBay. I'm also the co-author of Android in Practice.
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Speaking Sessions

  • Mobile Development 101: Developing Apps for the iPhone and the Android Platform

    1:15 PM Saturday   Room: 8338
    For years we have all heard that mobile devices would rule the Internets, and now that day is upon us. If you are used to web application or desktop development, you could be in for quite a shock trying to adjust to developing for highly constrained devices. Small screens, poor bandwidth, and low memory with no garbage collector can make you want to tell your boss to take his smart phone and ... well you get the idea. Relax, mobile development is not all bad. In this talk we will look at developing apps for the iPhone and for Android. This will include tips for developers making the move to mobile, and common pitfalls. Development aspects of both of these platforms will also be examined and compared. Examples of both small and large applications, for both platforms, will also be shown.

  • Scala On Your Phone: Mobile Development with Less Suck

    2:30 PM Saturday   Room: 4301
    Mobile development sounds sexy -- at first. The appeal can start wearing off when you start getting bogged by Cocoa+Objective-C or Android+Java. The open architecture of the Android platforms gives you alternatives, namely Scala. See how the expressiveness of Scala can breathe in new life to mobile development and how functional programming paradigms are well suited to mobile development.