Silicon Valley Code Camp : October 3rd and 4th, 2009

Sean Murphy

SKMurphy, Inc.
About Sean
I have taken an entrepreneurial approach to life since I could drive. I help technology firms with customer development, in particular lead generation and negotiation to close of important deals. Some of our clients are in transition from delivering their technology primarily as consulting to a full product; we help them make this transformation successfully.
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Speaking Sessions

  • Software Startup Maturity Checklist

    1:00 PM Sunday   Room: 5501
    <p>This session is for both aspiring and active entrepreneurs. We will walk through a 36 point checklist that covers Product Development, Customer Development, and Business Operations. You will leave with a better understanding of where you are today and what some logical next steps are for each of these stages: <ul><li>idea/formation</li> <li>open for business</li> <li>early customers</li> <li>finding your niche</li> <li>scaling up</li> </ul></p> <p>Primary focus is on bootstrapping, there will also some discussion of what is required for a business to deserve outside investment. If you are thinking about doing a startup or you are underway and looking for a quick diagnostic on what to focus on next, this session will offer practical guidance based on the specifics of your situation.</p> <p>This session does not require but will build on Athol Foden's session on product idea and establishing a brand.</p>