Silicon Valley Code Camp : October 3rd and 4th, 2009

Shamod Lacoul

About Shamod
Shamod Lacoul is a software entrepreneur, developer and consultant. He has been working as a software consultant for 7 years, focusing on back-end and data integration technologies. He is an assistant organizer of the Silicon Valley Semantic Technologies (SVST) Meetup. He has a Master’s in Software Engineering and Bachelor’s in Computer Science from San Jose State University. You may follow him in twitter @shamod.
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Speaking Sessions

  • A Hands-On Overview of the Semantic Web

    5:15 PM Saturday   Room: 4201
    The Semantic Web is in its infancy but shows great promise for data and knowledge interchange. The Semantic Web is based on several new technologies, including RDF, RDFS, and OWL. This talk gives an overview of the Semantic Web and its associated technologies with live demonstrations. Attendees can go to a companion web site and run the demonstrations themselves during the talk.