Silicon Valley Code Camp : October 3rd and 4th, 2009

Vic Cekvenich

About Vic
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Speaking Sessions

  • Best and worst practice for actionscript/flash(flex) development, 3D, asset/socket servers/crossdomain.

    9:45 AM Saturday   Room: 4220
    <p> The goal of the session is to teach <b>best and worst practice for actionscript/flash(flex) development, why 3D/PaperVision and Away3D, why an asset server, why a socket server, how to fix crossdomain.xml, push, </b> etc. You will come out a better developer at the end of this session! We will present an unfiltered view of bad things you can do w/ actionscript/flash. And what are the good alternatives. </p> <p> Many things will be covered including: Extensive example of good UI, how/why to use an asset server, why PaperVision and Away 3D. We will show you 3D and how to learn it. Also discussed will be a 3rd party library to help you do this. </p> <br> The presenter Vic, has won trainer of the year few years back and has 15 years of implementation / architecture experience, and the Vic authored the 1st book on Struts called Best Practices a year ahead of any other books when Struts was not well know, since translated to French and German. </br><br>He presented at last Years Adobe Max, this is his 2nd year.</br>