Silicon Valley Code Camp : October 6th and 7th, 2012

Elizabeth Mezias

About Elizabeth
Elizabeth spends her time writing Android apps and has a long history on the Java platform. She is able to communicate complex technical ideas to lay-people as well as other engineers having been both an Individual Contributor as well as a Director of Technical Support. She has been making connections in Silicon Valley since the 1990s, working with diverse groups of people from small, private start-ups to large multi-national corporations like Sun Microsystems and Adobe Systems. Miss Mezias is originally from Bridgeport, CT. She earned her Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from San Francisco State University. She enjoys softball in the summer and downhill skiing in the high Sierras through the colder months.
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Speaking Sessions

  • Android innovation: Home Sweet Home

    2:45 PM Sunday   Room: 4301
    Home screen widgets and live wallpapers are a powerful innovation available only on the Android platform. In this talk I will give an overview of two important pieces of behavioral science - the glance-able display and the quantitative self. After a brief introduction I will dive into the essentials of success with live wallpapers and home screen widgets. Attendees will learn the steps required to create these features through a slide presentation and sample code. Here are some links to prepare for the session. Elizabeth will further build out these examples: (Google Weather Widget Sample) (Wallpaper tutorial by Lars Vogel)