Silicon Valley Code Camp : October 6th and 7th, 2012

Jennifer Wong

About Jennifer
Jennifer Wong has worked in the field of Quality Engineering since The Days of Yore (since we called it QA instead of QE). She currently works at Ingenuity Systems as Staff QE Engineer and Scrum Master for Build, Tools, and Internal Processes team. Her main professional interests are in test automation, agile development, dashboards, and continuous integration and deployment.
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Speaking Sessions

  • Using Fitnesse as an integration test tool for Continuous Integration environments

    9:45 AM Saturday   Room: Hearthside Lounge
    Update: Slides for this session can be found here: * FitNesse is a wiki-based software testing tool that can be a powerful addition to your Continuous Integration Environments. Its greatest advantages include providing visibility into tests and results, and providing access to test-writing by non-technical team members. We will: * look at specific examples and code, * discuss the advantages and drawbacks of using FitNesse as a test framework * implement, deploy, and use a simple fixture in a fitnesse test * review different kinds of fixtures, including decision table, script, query, html, and selenium webtest fixtures * discuss some of the more interesting fixture extensions we've implemented, including JSON-based verification and the ability to pass in javascript code for dynamic verification * use Hudson/Jenkins to run your FitNesse tests as a step in your Continuous Integration/Deployment process