Silicon Valley Code Camp : October 6th and 7th, 2012

Robin Shahan

About Robin
Robin has over 25 years of experience developing complex, business-critical applications for Fortune 100 companies. As President of Nightbird Consulting, she provided training and helped companies architect and develop scalable, efficient solutions utilizing the Azure platform. She is a 6-time Microsoft MVP, and now works for Microsoft as a Sr. Content Developer for Azure. Robin regularly speaks about Azure at various .NET User Groups and Code Camps and runs the San Francisco/Silicon Valley Azure meetup. She can be found on Twitter as @RobinDotNet, and you can read her articles about Azure (and other subjects) at
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Speaking Sessions

  • Azure for Developers

    3:30 PM Saturday   Room: 4301
    Come see how to leverage your .NET skills to branch out into Windows Azure development. In this fast-paced talk, we will develop a WCF service and build a client to call it, showing you how to use all of the features in Windows Azure -- SQL Azure, Diagnostics, Web Roles, Worker Roles, Blobs, Queues, and Tables -- and discuss when and why you should use each one.

  • Azure Cloud Storage for Everyone!

    5:00 PM Saturday   Room: 4301
    You can use Windows Azure Blob Storage even if you are not running applications in Azure. You can host html web pages, content, customer files, application deployments (such as ClickOnce), etc. I will show the basics of accessing blob storage through the storage client library APIs -- uploading blobs, downloading blobs, iterating through directories to see the blobs listed, what assemblies you need to add to your application, etc. All of these APIs can be called with REST as well.