Silicon Valley Code Camp : October 5th and 6th 2013

Roy Yu

About Roy
Senior Software Engineer ( Frontend focus ), LAMP developer and love to explore different technologies. Currently focus on web performance, web security and frontend stack complexity analysis. I have a passion for web development and architecture: from application design, frontend prototype to database design, I have experience and enjoyed every piece of it. I'm especially picky about user experience, performance and security in web development. Specialties: Web development. LAMP stack (Linux, Apache, PHP, Mysql), JAVA, HTML, CSS, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, jQuery, Backbone, React, Reflux, Redux, CoffeeScript, Stylus, SCSS, Gulp, Webpack.
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Speaking Sessions

  • Hands-on with Backbone.js and RequireJS

    1:45 PM Saturday   Room: SmithWick
    An introduction to Backbone, Underscore and RequiredJS. In this session, you will be walked through how those technologies work, and how to combine them together to create a "Single page" experience application. And also you will learn how to use the RequireJS as a build tool to optimize your assets and your application in order to make your page load faster. Attendees should know some javascript and frontend knowledge in order to get the most out from this session.