Silicon Valley Code Camp : October 1 & 2, 2016

Aditya Gupta

About Aditya
Aditya Gupta is an twelve-year old boy who loves to play and modify Minecraft. He also has experience in many other types of programming like Scratch, Java, Greenfoot, and Android. He is the youngest speaker ever at the Community Keynote of JavaOne 2013 showing how pigs fly in using Eclipse in front of 1500+ Java developers. He builds and delivers workshops for Devoxx4Kids and excited to teach programming skills to young kids like him. He is also a Boy Scout and like to tinker with LEGOs.
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Speaking Sessions

  • Star Wars: The Programmer Awakens

    Star Wars may be science fiction, but it's getting closer to real life in this workshop. The company Sphero has made a real-life version of the BB-8 droid from the movie, and there is software available to program it. The droid looks just like a miniature version of the movie droid in that it has a spherical body and a hemisphere-shaped head on top. In this workshop, we will be using block-based programming on a mobile app called Tickle to program the droid. The app connects to the BB-8 droid using Bluetooth, and it can tell the droid what to do from a program that the attendees will make. Using a series of activities that progress in difficulty, attendees will learn basic programming concepts like control structures, variables, and operators. They will program the BB-8 droid to do things like exploring, running from stormtroopers, and base infiltration. Overall, this workshop is a fun way to get kids engaged with programming while also letting them have fun.