Silicon Valley Code Camp : October 1 & 2, 2016

Forbes Hedges

Cloudata Inc
About Forbes
Forbes Hedges, co-founder of Cloudata Inc (, a corp-to-corp consulting firm, which specialize in Highly Resilient Hyper-Scale Hyper-convergence Big Data Cloud (both Edge/IoT & Core/Data Center) Automation and Product/Application/Data/Change Total Life Cycle Management Automation, such as Java EE Legacy Monolithic Architecture to Container-based Immutable Microservices/Cloud Native Event-Driven Architecture Transformation/Modernization, On/Off-Cloud Bi-directional Migration, SaaS Transformation, CI/CD Pipeline Automation, DevOps Evolution with Container, Online Marketing & Digital Sales Automation
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Speaking Sessions

  • OpenStack Docker Mesos Kubernetes: Who Can Fill the Gap of IaaS PaaS & SaaS

    Technology is advancing so fast, especially in our Big Data Cloud industry, but don't be scared, as all changes so are are evolutionary instead of revolutionary to keep the jet flying while we changing its engine Since OpenStack was rolled out for IaaS revolution in open source community 6 years ago, there has been constant promises that PaaS will take over and prosper, lie, damn lie. On the other hand, SaaS has been there for close to 2 decades, wild success yet so far distant to both IaaS and PaaS. So where is the beef for now? Docker, Mesos, Kubernetes, those news kids in the Microsevice-based Immutable Architecture block. are attempting to fill the gap between IaaS and Paas with Container-as-a-Service(CaaS), along with the most recent news of OpenStack mashing-up with Kubernetes? Will they succeed? OpenStack Docker Mesos Kubernetes: Who Can Fill the Gap of IaaS PaaS & SaaS - Let's meet and talk soon!