Silicon Valley Code Camp : October 1 & 2, 2016

Frisco Del Rosario

About Frisco
Chess and Scratch teacher, Selenium and Appium scripter, MacRuby enthusiast, author of two chess books and hundreds of newspaper and magazine articles.
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Speaking Sessions

  • FizzBuzz with Scratch Programming

    FizzBuzz is an oddly-important challenge for programmers. When one completes FizzBuzz in a freshman-level computer class, it represents a significant chunk of the course material. If one cannot complete FizzBuzz during a job interview, one won't get the job. In this session, each step of FizzBuzz planning and implementation will be introduced with the kid-friendly Scratch programming environment, from the counting loop to the conditionals that choose Fizz or Buzz to dressing up the output with fizzy buzzy sounds and graphics.