Silicon Valley Code Camp : October 1 & 2, 2016

Jeffrey Rennie

About Jeffrey
After graduating UC Berkeley, I worked at Wind River Systems and a doomed start-up, before settling at Google in 2003. For my first 6 years at Google, I worked on client applications like Google Web Accelerator and GDrive. Then, I worked for 6 years in the search stack, where I how learned to build reliable systems that scale to many machines, many threads, and many programmers working on the same code base. I mastered gdb and the art of debugging. Now, I find a good core dump to be more interesting than a mystery novel. In 2015, I returned to my first love, Windows programming, to teach the world how to run Windows applications on Google Cloud Platform.
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Speaking Sessions

  • Running ASP.NET applications on the Google Cloud Platform

    Yes, you can run your ASP.NET application on Google's cloud. This will be a hands-on, C# coding session where you learn to deploy an ASP.NET application to an instance running on Google Compute Engine. Then, you will learn you how to get the most out of the Google Cloud Platform: Use Entity Framework and Google Cloud SQL to store data. Use Datastore to store data. Store big blobs of data in Google Cloud Storage. Execute long-running processes in background processes with Google Pub/Sub. The material covered will be similar to However, the format will hands-on instructions teaching you how to advance from one step to the next.