Silicon Valley Code Camp : October 1 & 2, 2016

Kevin Steineman

Path to Profits, LLC
About Kevin
Kevin Steineman is the Digital Marketing Director at Sikka Software and has held previous CMO positions with different web SAAS companies. For the last 6 years Kevin has consulted with startups, corporations, and SMBs to: bolster brand awareness, create lead-gen systems, and increase revenue at every monetizable stage of the product or service. Kevin is also the acclaimed author of the "App Launch Blueprint" which was released in 2013 with the goal of helping developers who had GREAT ideas, but not a GREAT plan to go-to-market with their idea. Kevin is also the founder of; an online publication whose content revolves around: Tech, Mobile, Marketing, and Startups. Kevin is also a former speaker at MCSF an un-conference devoted to sharing the latest insights with other marketers and the best tactics to leverage them for their respective companies. Kevin is also an avid foodie, and wine fan.
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Speaking Sessions

  • Break the: "IF You Build it They Will Come" - facade

    In this session Author, Speaker and Digital & Mobile marketing strategist Kevin Steineman will cover the biggest mistakes most developers make when launching their app, how to avoid them, and what to do instead.

    If you've launched an app, or are thinking about doing so STOP and read this: Just because you've put in A LOT of hours into polishing your baby doesn't mean anyone has to use it. In-fact, with over 3-million Apps across Google Play and iOS, chances are they won't even find it. But, luckily for you I'm going to talk about how you can be the EXCEPTION not part of the statistics. Come and listen to my talk if you want to know how to BREAK the "If you build it they will come" facade and learn how to: acquire retain and monetize your users in the optimal way.