Silicon Valley Code Camp : October 1 & 2, 2016

Les Hazlewood

About Les
Les Hazlewood is Stormpath co-founder and CTO and the Apache Shiro PMC Chair. Prior to forming Stormpath, Les held senior architectural positions at Bloomberg and Delta Airlines and he was former CTO of a software engineering firm supporting educational and government agencies. Les has been actively involved in Open Source for more than 10 years, committing or contributing to projects like the Spring Framework, JBoss, and Apache Shiro. Les has a BS in Computer Science from Georgia Tech, and practices Kendo and studies Japanese when he's not coding.
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Speaking Sessions

  • Beautiful REST+JSON APIs with Ion

    Creating a really clean and intuitive REST + JSON API is no easy task. You have to worry about resources, collections of resources, pagination, query parameters, links to other resources, search, which HTTP Methods to use, HTTP Caching, security, and more! And you have to make sure it lasts and doesn't break clients as you add features over time. To make matters worse, everyone does REST differently! There has never been a formal media type or REST ‘standard’ that addresses these concerns in a single clean and intuitive specification…. Until now.In this presentation, Les Hazlewood - Stormpath CTO and renowned REST API speaker with over a million REST API presentation views on YouTube - will show how the new Ion REST API media type specification cleanly solves these problems. Ion was designed by a team of experts from different organizations, and it reflects best practices learned while designing, implementing and supporting JSON-based REST APIs for years.In this presentation, Les will cover: • Why Ion was created and why it gives you the best chance of success • JSON data formats in a RESTful API • How to map (and not map) HTTP methods to Resource CRUD • References to other JSON-based resources (aka 'linking') • Resource collections and pagination • Automatic data input discovery via Forms • Resource partial updates • Many-to-Many resource relationships • Asynchronous and long-lived API interactions • API versioning strategies • Meaningful error responses • How Ion facilitates fully automated integration testing • 100% HATEOAS compatibility • and more!