Silicon Valley Code Camp : October 1 & 2, 2016

Llewellyn Falco

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About Llewellyn
As an Agile software consultant Llewellyn Falco routinely finds himself working with companies undergoing transformations who have hired him to improve their employees' ability to deal with messy, orphaned, and otherwise ugly code. He is the inventor of approval tests ( and you can get a pretty good idea of him form this blog post:
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Speaking Sessions

  • Extreme ‘Fake It Till You Make It’

    Red - Green - (refactor)

    We all know that refactoring is suppose to be the step that let’s us tease apart the logic of our code. ‘Fake it till you make it’ allows for us to evolve an emergent solution to complex problems. Yet this is usually glossed over when showing Test Driven Development.

    But not in this session. Here we are going to focus completely on Fake it till you make it. Taking complex katas and reducing them to

    1 Red - 1 Green - 40 Refactors.