Silicon Valley Code Camp : Nov 8th and 9th, 2008session

BAM and the Interactive Web


About This Session

The interactive web is here, but most servers are not ready for it. Games, chat, and financial application have unique and demanding requirements that are not met by most modern web or application servers. Comet is an attempt to solve this problem using the current technology of HTTP, but it fails to deliver a coherent, simple solution. Caucho Technology introduces the Brokered Agent Messaging (BAM) architecture as the necessary, revolutionary next step. BAM lays the foundation for truly real-time, responsive, interactive applications. By providing an API and infrastructure in which clients are first-class citizens next to servers in the network, BAM creates a development environment in which interactive web applications are natural and elegant. We will present the architecture of BAM, coding examples, and demonstration applications using Flash.

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Emil Ong

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