Silicon Valley Code Camp : Nov 8th and 9th, 2008session

Boosting Your Testing Productivity with Groovy


About This Session

Developer testing, unit testing, and/or test driven development should be in the vocabulary of every developer by now. Everyone knows that testing takes time, but you shouldn’t skip testing because of a hard-to-meet deadline. What can you do to make sure you’ll have the following weekend free without worrying that a sudden call will spoil the fun? The answer is to let your testing code be groovier. This session discusses Groovy, a dynamic language for the JVM™ machine whose close integration with the Java™ programming language makes it ideal for testing purposes. With Groovy you can write less code and be more expressive, you can leverage your knowledge of JUnit extensions (such as dbUnit or XMLUnit) to speed up development, and you can use GroovyMocks to intercept calls on concrete classes (easier to set up than EasyMock/JMock). Groovy is also TestNG-friendly, because it supports JSR 175 annotations. Attendees should have basic knowledge of the Groovy language, JUnit, and TestNG.

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Andres Almiray

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