Silicon Valley Code Camp : Nov 8th and 9th, 2008session

Building and Sharing Enterprise Mashups & Mashlets


About This Session

An Enterprise Mashup is an application that combines data from multiple internal and public sources and publishes the results to various User Interface applications including Portals, Wikis, Blogs, Websites, Email, Phone, Excel. In this presentation, we will discuss and demonstrate what an enterprise mashup platform is all about. We will walk through real examples and code to demonstrate how developers can create Mashups quickly using Enterprise Mashup Markup Language (EMML), an easy to learn, dynamic and declarative language for specifying and running mashups. And finally, what's a mashup without the ability to share? So will demonstrate how to share and consume these Mashups in the form of Mashlets with different client technologies such as Javascript, Adobe Flex and Microsoft Excel.

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Kishore Subramanian

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