Silicon Valley Code Camp : Nov 8th and 9th, 2008session

Java2D and Groovy, a perfect match


About This Session

Java2D has been around since the early Swing years but the amount of applications devoted to it is very small compared to other Java related technologies, one of the reasons (besides web being so hyped) is that working with it is tiresome and boring. Enter GraphicsBuilder and Groovy. groovy is a dynamic language for the JVM, the only one providing the best integration with the Java language and the Java platform. GraphicsBuilder simplifies creating Java2D drawings in three ways a) it leverages the builder pattern b) it relies on Groovy to let you be more expressive with less line of codes c) it provides useful constructs for shapes, paints, gradients, transformations and even animations Come see GraphicsBuilder in action, you'll be able to create amazing drawings and animations in no time, even mix Swing components with Groovy's SwingBuilder.

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Andres Almiray

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