Silicon Valley Code Camp : Nov 8th and 9th, 2008session

Mapping Agile Practices for Scalable Teams to TFS


About This Session

Agile development seeks to increase the value of software development by increasing the feedback available to the team. Join Barton Friedland and Don Robins as they explore critical relationships between agile software development practices and tools designed specifically to support these practices.<br/><br/>In this lively and informative session / facilitated discussion, they map agile practices to Microsoft's Visual Studio Team System 2010, an integrated platform for work item / bug tracking, source control, build management and automated testing, shared intranet portal, process guidance, and a data warehouse that automatically aggregates important project data like code churn and build quality on an ongoing basis.<br/><br/>We will review key practices that work better when supported by integrated tools, such as sprint planning, test-driven development, and continuous integration designed to improve team collaboration, project quality, velocity, and transparency (Original title Tools for Agility)

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