2:30 PM Saturday
Silicon Valley Code Camp : October 3rd and 4th, 2009session

All about the Current and Future Trends in Comet


About This Session

Kevin Nilson (CometD Innovator) and Michael Carter (Orbited Creator) will talk about Comet (Reverse-Ajax) covering topics such as: <ul> <li> - <b>Comet's past</b></li> <li> - <b>Frameworks and Tools available today</b></li> <li> - <b>Upcoming Advances in Comet</b></li> </ul> Comet Provides the Ability for data to be pushed from the server-side to the browser.

Time: 2:30 PM Saturday    Room: 5501 

The Speaker(s)

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Kevin Nilson

Software Engineer , Google

Chromecast Technical Solutions Engineering Lead at Google, Java Champion, 3 time JavaOne Rock Star