10:30 AM Sunday
Silicon Valley Code Camp : October 3rd and 4th, 2009session

Exploring Agility


About This Session

Agile is a holistic approach to software development that grew out of the experience and insight of people working in the field. It follows then, that the best way to learn about agile is to experience it. Over the course of this short workshop, we will engage the power of simulations and learning games to evoke and explore various aspects of the Agile experience. Warning! This will be a participatory learning experience, without a PowerPoint safety net! <br> <br> Areas we will explore will include:<br> - Communication on an agile team<br> - Directive vs. Participatory project management approaches<br> - Batch-and-Queue vs. Continuous Flow in software development<br> - Multitasking<br>

Time: 10:30 AM Sunday    Room: 4201 

The Speaker(s)

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Chris Sims

unassigned , Agile Learning Labs