5:15 PM Saturday
Silicon Valley Code Camp : October 3rd and 4th, 2009session

Next generation business IT infrastructure - unfold your company potential from within


About This Session

At this presentation, we`ll explore new ways and principles to structure your company IT and operations, which would provide fast and smooth acceleration, avoid integration bumps along the way and even allow for creating unique products/services, in "Blue Ocean Strategy"-style. IT infrastructure (the combination of all IT systems and their interaction, that support the main business operations) at most small/medium-sized companies resembles a self-made, found-parts bike while they really need a car. It likely started with a few separate software programs/systems patched together to solve immediate problems. As company grew, some of these accidental structures couldn’t scale up and had to be replaced by one or more integrated systems overtime. Each such change is like a speed-bump, costing time, money and lost productivity, as everything has to be re-integrated, configured and adjusted. During all this time, while IT infrastructure was doing its best in "reacting to the changes", IT was in fact dragging down and curbing the growth of the enterprise instead of enabling it and opening up new opportunities. We'll look at the 10 commandments of IT infrastructure, goal-centered operations and other principles that will allow IT to participate with management in growing the company.

Time: 5:15 PM Saturday    Room: 5502 

The Speaker(s)

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Roman Zhovtulya

President & CEO , WebServiceCenter Group

Roman has co-founded WebServiceCenter Group in early 2004 and has since been responsible for strategic management and IT. He received a Master's Degree in "Communications and Media Engineering" from Offenburg University (Germany) and has established and managed a number of technology initiatives there. One of them being "InternetServiceCenter" - an innovative company-like software development agency within the University.