11:00 AM Saturday
Silicon Valley Code Camp : October 3rd and 4th, 2009session

Slow Down to Speed Up


About This Session

If everyone on an Agile development team works at his or her top capacity, does that guarantee maximum throughput? Let's find out.<br/><br/> In this interactive, hands-on workshop we'll discover how to optimize the effectiveness of the team as a whole. We'll work together to simulate a manufacturing assembly line under various conditions and measure our results to see what works best.<br/><br/> We'll also discover and discuss how the assembly-line analogy applies to software development, and how slowing down certain portions of the development process can have a direct, positive impact on the bottom line.<br/><br/>

Time: 11:00 AM Saturday    Room: 4301 

The Speaker(s)

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Steve Bockman

Productivity Consultant , Agile Unlimited