10:45 AM Sunday
Silicon Valley Code Camp : October 6th and 7th, 2012session

Architecture for Scaling Java Applications to Multiple Servers


About This Session

As business grows, applications must process increasing volumes of critical application data. The amount of load that a single-server application can process has a hard limit. Distributing Java applications on a cluster allows to handle increasing load by using combined power of multiple servers. This vendor-neutral presentation offers a reusable architecture for scaling Java applications beyond a single server and discusses technologies needed to implement such architecture. Slides: http://www.cacheonix.com/Architecture-for-Scaling-Java-Applications-to-Multiple-Servers.htm

Time: 10:45 AM Sunday    Room: 5502 

The Speaker(s)

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Slava Imeshev

Main Committer , Project Cacheonix

Slava Imeshev is a main committer to the open source Java cache Cacheonix.