1:15 PM Sunday
Silicon Valley Code Camp : October 6th and 7th, 2012session

Bug trackers: do they really all suck?


About This Session

Why are so many people so frustrated with their bug tracker? Perhaps because that tool is used by many different groups, each with their own requirements. Maybe the tool isn't really owned by anyone, or it may be the wrong tool for the job. Perhaps they're really frustrated with other team members and the bug tracker is just a magnifying glass for those problems. Matt Doar has years of experience with JIRA as an administrator and plugin developer and has written two books about JIRA for O'Reilly. He's heard the same problems described by hundreds of people at dozens of companies, and has some opinions. If you can't agree on what information should be in a bug, you can't share the bug. If you can't even agree on the field names in a bug, you're not going to be able to agree on what matters in a bug. Come ready with your own opinions! The slides are shared at https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1wa-LPCId_sYUNtsqIg997l_HKk2Xucp7DC5tCN-8D5U/edit

Time: 1:15 PM Sunday    Room: 4202 

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Matt Doar

Chief Toolsmith , ServiceRocket