11:15 AM Saturday
Silicon Valley Code Camp : October 6th and 7th, 2012session

Extending the Android SDK with Add-Ons (featuring HTC's Add-On)


About This Session

How to degrade gracefully when using add-on extension APIs to the core Android SDK framework. How to target multiple add-ons for a project. Techniques will be shown to provide compatibility not just across platform levels but across device capabilities. Also, a quick overview of the APIs for a specific addon, the HTC OpenSense SDK add-on will be presented with additional background on how an Android SDK add-on is created and packaged for those interested in creating their own add-ons. Also the new SDK tools capability of using templates for creating custom new project wizards will be presented.

Time: 11:15 AM Saturday    Room: 4221 

The Speaker(s)

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Dario Laverde

Sr Developer Evangelist , HTC

VR influencer, evangelist, lecturer, developer comm