1:45 PM Saturday
Silicon Valley Code Camp : October 6th and 7th, 2012session

HTML5 (Session #2): HTML5 Canvas, Media, and Mobile


About This Session

The demos in Session #2 cover a lot of ground: 2D shapes in HTML5 Canvas, HTML5 WebSockets updating a Canvas-based 3D bar chart with real time data, inverting JPG pixels in a Canvas element and examples of some "smoothing functions" for softening images. You'll also see examples of Canvas graphics combined with CSS3-based 3D effects that create vivid visual effects. We'll look at a real-time Canvas-based graphical visualization of an audio file, and then see a video playing inside an HTML5 Canvas element where you can "obliterate" the video with your mouse. The last demo is a fusion of WebGL, Web Sockets, Canvas, CSS3, Javascript, Flash, and Web Audio APIs. If there's enough time, we'll take a quick look at a data visualization toolkit called D3, followed by a demo that uses jQuery Mobile on an iPad3 and an Android tablet. Three related open source projects (HTML5 Canvas, Canvas/Node.js, and Easel.js) provide additional code samples. Basic knowledge of HTML and CSS is helpful for this session, which wraps up with a raffle of a recent HTML5 book.

Time: 1:45 PM Saturday    Room: 1501 

The Speaker(s)

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Oswald Campesato

Developer , iQuarkt

Oswald loves mobile/web development, obsessed with Japanese, and a bon vivant in Silicon Valley.