3:30 PM Saturday
Silicon Valley Code Camp : October 6th and 7th, 2012session

Leveraging Java EE 7 and the Cloud with JavaFX


About This Session

This is a session about leveraging Java EE 7 and JavaFX. It provides an overview of the upcoming features of Java EE 7 and also ties this technology into how developers can write JavaFX applications aimed for it. At JavaOne 2012, Oracle and the expert group of the Java EE 7 specification decided to reposition the edition from "Moving to the Cloud" to "Better Productivity with Integration with HTML5, CSS though Web Sockets JSON-P". To that end, this talk has changed its initial direction that I set out in June 2012. I am also the author of an upcoming book on Java EE 7 to be published next year, so the information that I gathered from the JavaOne conference is highly revalent. On the JavaFX 2.2 front, there are lots of demonstration that I can show which prove the potency of the technology. You will be inspired by JavaFX.

Time: 3:30 PM Saturday    Room: 4305 

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Peter Pilgrim

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