10:45 AM Sunday
Silicon Valley Code Camp : October 6th and 7th, 2012session

WakandaDB, an object-relational JavaScript datastore


About This Session

Wakanda is a development and deployment system for Web based data driven applications. At the heart of every Wakanda application is the data model and as that name would suggest it is the definition of all the data classes, attributes and relationships. But it is more than that. It is meant to store all your business rules, business logic, everything that is stored in one logical place so that everything interacts with the data model, like classes, or scopes, which control the pieces make it to the browser or events on entities on initialization, or validations when saving an entity. You can define data class methods, which are in essence stored procedures, you can define those as a collection, entity level or class level. You can even used inherited data classes you have a degree of hierachy to the data in your model. You can use restricting queries which control access to entities based on certian conditions you want to set. All of that make up a Wakanda data model.

Time: 10:45 AM Sunday    Room: 4305 

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