9:15 AM Sunday
Silicon Valley Code Camp : October 5th and 6th 2013session

Clean Code - Design Patterns and Best Practices


About This Session

Why writing Clean Code makes us more efficient Over the lifetime of a product, maintaining the product is actually one - if not the most - expensive area(s) of the overall product costs. Writing clean code can significantly lower these costs. However, writing clean code also makes you more efficient during the initial development time and results in more stable code. You will be presented design patterns and best practices which will make you write better and more easily maintainable code, seeing code in a holistic way. You will learn how to apply them by using an existing implementation as the starting point of the presentation. Finally, patterns & practices benefits are explained. This presentation is based on C# and Visual Studio 2012. However, the demonstrated patterns and practice can be applied to every other programming language too.

Time: 9:15 AM Sunday    Room: SmithWick 

The Speaker(s)

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Theo Jungeblut

Sr. Director of Engineering , AppDynamics

Theo builds things that work. SWE & Craftsman, Manager & Leader focusing on continuous improvement.