10:45 AM Sunday
Silicon Valley Code Camp : October 5th and 6th 2013session

Continuous Delivery using Github, CloudMunch & AWS Cloud Formation


About This Session

Continuous Delivery is the holy grail of agile application development & deployment. It includes Build/Test/Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment and customer feedback. But how does Continuous Delivery really work? Join Dave Nielsen as he demonstrates how to use Git/Github, Jenkins/Cloudmunch & AWS Cloud Formation to automate the full lifecycle of code dev/build/test/integration/deployment and feedback ... anytime, anywhere & by anyone. Every attendee will have the opportunity to deploy their own application individually or as part of a team

Time: 10:45 AM Sunday    Room: 5001 

The Speaker(s)

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Dave Nielsen

Developer Advocate , Intel

I head up ecosystem programs at Redis Labs. I'm also the co-founder of CloudCamp.