2:45 PM Sunday
Silicon Valley Code Camp : October 5th and 6th 2013session

Fun with Tuples!


About This Session

In C++11, std::tuple was introduced. What is it good for? Why would you use it? Isn't it just a simple generalization of std::pair? Come and see why not, and what you can do with tuples!!! Marshall is unable to attend this year's Code Camp so Jon will be presenting his material in his place.

Time: 2:45 PM Sunday    Room: 8338 

The Speaker(s)

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Marshall Clow

Principal Engineer , Qualcomm

C++ programmer for Qualcomm; Boost & LLVM contributor, C++ standards committee member.

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Jon Kalb

Software Engineer , cpp.training

Jon does onsite training for C++. He chairs CppCon, C++Now, and the C++ Track for SVCC.