Silicon Valley Code Camp : October 1 & 2, 2016session

Be a Better Interviewer: How to Interview Like Google (or not)-But Better!

Be a better interviewer: make candidates happier, raise the bar, create a consistent process, and avoid rejecting good candidates or hiring bad ones. We'll discuss multiple interview styles so you can interview like Google (or not)-but better!

About This Session

Google is (in)famous for its tough algorithm questions, and then making candidates code on a whiteboard. Other companies are partial to behavioral questions, factual/knowledge questions, and big lofty architecture and design questions. We’ll discuss the different styles of technical and behavioral interviews for software developers. What’s right for your company? And how do you help candidates do their very best (and why is this so important)? How to keep your standards reasonable, but high and consistent? How do you limit your false negatives and false positives? Hiring managers and recruiters will learn how to create a better process. Interviewers will learn how to select and ask better questions. And candidates will get to explore what happens on the other side of the hiring table. This session will cover behavioral questions, coding questions, algorithm questions, knowledge questions, design questions, and code assessment/test tools.


The Speaker(s)

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Gayle McDowell

CEO , CareerCup

Gayle Laakmann McDowell is the founder and CEO of and the author of three books.