Silicon Valley Code Camp : October 1 & 2, 2016session

C++ GUI library & Documenting Source Code: CopperSpice & DoxyPress

GUI library using modern C++, why document source code, how to document code using DoxyPress.

About This Session

CopperSpice is an open source project which contains a set of libraries to handle Core functionality, GUI, Networking, SQL, Multimedia, and much more. One of the key achievements of CopperSpice is that we use a modern version of C++, we do not require any code generators, and the libraries are cross platform.

DoxyPress is an open source application which can be used to document source code, generate API documentation, show class hierarchies, etc. DoxyPress supports several outputs including html, chm, latex, and man pages.

In our presentation we will provide an overview of CopperSpice and DoxyPress. We will explain how to use DoxyPress and we will show a demonstration of DoxyPress and how to document an API and C++ source.

No prior knowledge of CopperSpice or DoxyPress is required.


The Speaker(s)

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Barbara Geller

C++ Developer , CopperSpice

Co-Founder of CopperSpice and DoxyPress

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Ansel Sermersheim

C++ Developer , CopperSpice

Cofounder of CopperSpice and DoxyPress.