Silicon Valley Code Camp : October 1 & 2, 2016session

Concurring the Last IOT mile

This session will be focused of wireless technologies suitable for use in connecting IOT sensor devices to cloud based analytical services. The session will include both a technology review and working code examples

About This Session

The great IOT push has given the world not only a lot of hype but also a proliferation of powerful Cloud bases services for collecting, aggregating and analyzing data. Service like IBM’s Bluemaxx, G.E.’s Perlifia, AWS Iot service, Azure Event Hub and the Azure BI stuite. Similarly the advent of low cost easy to deploy microcontroller base platforms such as the Arduino, Raspberry Pi, MBED, and Intel’s Galliano has enabled the creation and deployment of low cost, low power smart sensors. Which lead to a new last mile problem, how are we going to get all the data these sensor collect to the cloud for analysis. Stringing wire everywhere is out of the question and today’s cellular technology and WiFi implementations, which is continually striving for higher bandwidth to support stream video is neither cheap or low power. A collection of competing technologies with names like SigFox, LoraWan, BlueTooth 4.0 and LTE-M have emerged to try as attempts to address this this need. In this talk the advantages and short coming of the different approaches will be discuss and code examples of implementation on both microcontroller based sensor and cloud based analysis systems. A demo of at least one end to end solution will be included in the presentation.


The Speaker(s)

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Steve Mylroie

Owner , Roietronics

An independent software consultant specializing in the Microsoft product stack Baynet officer