Silicon Valley Code Camp : October 1 & 2, 2016session

Create Influence, On Demand

Want Jedi like leadership? Come grasp why Agile teams communicate 5x+ more effectively and the underlying principles you can use to...Create Influence, On Demand

About This Session

In order to succeed amidst uncertain markets and sometimes rapid technology shifts, the ability to create and respond to change is rising in value. Using an emerging set of methods and practices, commonly termed “Agile” and largely associated with software development, teams and organizations are not only coping with, but thriving in such turbulent conditions. From addressing resistance to change to instilling self-direction, Agile methods rely on Influence rather than Authority. Agile practices like co-location and standups actually amplify influence by leveraging behavior patterns built in to humans through biology and social conditions. This workshop teases apart those patterns, turning them into conscious tools for leadership through influence. Exercises take participants through the application and practice of techniques to lower resistance to communication, whether face to face or over a phone. This session is ideal for anyone seeking to tap the latent genius present in the people, teams and businesses with whom they work in order to accelerate the arrival of high performance.


The Speaker(s)

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Bernie Maloney

Agile Coach , Greenfieldz

I lead. For fun. With self-directed teams, I've grown businesses from break even to beyond $100M.