Silicon Valley Code Camp : October 1 & 2, 2016session

How to Make a powerful App in 5 minutes for ANY group

Building an entire app is hard. We'll show you how to build a powerful app for a group of people using only basic HTML, Javascript, and CSS using the Bebo platform.

About This Session

Too often we let great ideas for apps lapse because of the taxing work on building out a complicated backend.

This session will show you how you can build the app you want quickly using just HTML, CSS, and Javascript on the Bebo platform.

What is Bebo?

Bebo is a platform for people to carve out private spaces for the various groups in their life.

How it works is simple:

1. You push a button, to create a private server.
2. You choose who has access and what rooms are on the server
3. You can install a chat room, a photo room, a game room. Any type of room,
depending on the needs of your group. The list is available on Bebo's Github account.
4. Developers like you can take it further. Every room is open source, so you can build your own or fork an existing room to tweak it for your needs. Bebo takes care of the complex backend of building an app, leaving the developer to working on the front end and core concept of the app.


The Speaker(s)

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Florian Nierhaus

Problem Solver , Bebo

Florian is leading development for the Bebo platform, the next-gen platform for groups.