Silicon Valley Code Camp : October 1 & 2, 2016session

IoT Black Box

This session will be for beginner to advanced, it is a about how to do a Proof of Concept design of a “Black Box” robotic IoT base, and shorting out decisions on how to make your own, which microprocessor to use, which software, an where to start.

About This Session

This session will be the discussion of how to develop a project for the IoT world. In this case, a ”Black box” robotic base. What I will talk about is the selection process I used to pick which microprocessor, weighting both hardware and software constrains and needs. I will delve into the how to communicate with the device, briefly talking about serial, SPI and I2C, and how they are best used. All of the code in open source, the mechanical design, schematic and PCB will be released as open source.


The Speaker(s)

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Robert Roeder

owner , IMP App Development

Software developer who has been programming for way too many years