Silicon Valley Code Camp : October 1 & 2, 2016session

Making your websites a little more accessible with Google Cloud Vision API

This session will teach you how to utilize the Google Cloud Vision API to make your websites more accessible by giving your images meaningful titles and alt texts.

About This Session

As web developers doing things to make your website a little more accessible is not a hard task it’s just something that takes time. It is something we easily forget to keep in mind because typically we have a lot of data that we need to provide and it is challenging enough to make the design pleasing to the eye. We rely a lot on our common day browsers and other tools on the OS to handle the pressure of representing the data we present in a meaningful way to those who require the accessibility tools. Those can only go so far unless we as developers help provide the right information to these wonderful tools that people can use. When it comes to images it can become overwhelming to manage meaningful information. Especially when we use frameworks and apis that extract the effort on placing those images on your site. I wanted to address this problem in the one way I knew how …. use more apis. Utilizing the Vision API, I coded up a nightly cron job that will go through my photos and give them meaningful information for me to display and all I have to do is add my pictures to my Google Cloud Storage Bucket. This session will show you how to piece it all together to make your websites a little more accessible.


The Speaker(s)

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James Cha

Developer Advocate , Clover

James Cha is a developer advocate at Clover and a developer community ninja.