Silicon Valley Code Camp : October 1 & 2, 2016session

Practice of Compliance Driven Protection for Sensitive Data

Let us learn best practices of how to protect sensitive data embedded in big data. Data flows point to pint, also rests. For compliance, businesses need to protect sensitive data, say payment card data, health care data etc.

About This Session

Do you know January 28 is Data Privacy Day? The purpose of Data Privacy Day is to raise awareness and promote privacy and data protection best practices. Privacy and data protection concerns present a growing challenge. In past, there have been more high profile data protections incidents in US. We now know that concerns and losses of personal information and sensitive data can lead to regulatory fines and significant risk to an organisation’s reputation. By implementing good practices and conforming to the associated requirements organizations can prevent unforeseen interruptions to their operations. The privacy and data protection balancing act is complicated by a host of factors which need policies in force. There is the large amount of data held by organizations, the number of people who need to access this as part of their job and the number of forms, reports, systems and databases where data is held. Also with globalization, organizations operate in countries outside their own jurisdiction. What we need is a system which can help store data protection policies and empower developers and operators of systems to automate data protection practices. In this session, you will learn about best practices for data protection and tools ( open source, public cloud and commercial ) that enable it. You can choose what is best for your business. Primarily the business driver is about protecting data and protecting your business.


The Speaker(s)

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Sunil Sabat

Senior Director , BigID

I am principal technical alliance manager at Informatica. I have presented paper at Silicon Valley Code Camp. I also offer big data training and blog at I am MS(Comp Eng.), MS( Comp. Sc) and MBA. My passion is to learn new software and hardware technologies and solve practical use cases for the benefit of businesses, governments and people in general. I want to give back to community in many ways I can.